Nexx Garage Features


    Open, close, and monitor your garage door using your smartphone.


    Users can be alerted if a door is open or closed via smartphone push notification.


    Nexx Garage integrates with any Amazon Alexa enabled devices like Echo as well as Google Home so that you can control the opening or closing of garage door by voice command.


    Administration console allows for permissioning of multiple users.


    Get a history of when the garage door has opened or closed.


    Built with security in mind, all communications are encrypted and traceable.

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Exactly as advertised

Nexx installed easily, connected to my WiFi readily (I use the 5Ghz network for its better channel capacity) and has performed flawlessly. The geofencing option of opening the door when I get home works much better than I imagined it would. Finally, Nexx integrated easily with Google Home Assistant. Excellent product that I highly recommend.

Device works well but app is missing something

Like the title says the device works pretty good, Everyone in the family has the app but when the primary account gets messed up they all get locked out. Plus found that during the process of trying to reset the password by using the forgot password link that feature doesn't appear to work. Tech support sent me a temp password but there is nowhere for me to change it to my own. (security issue do you think). Once this piece is fixed (and I can change this temp password) I'd say this is a 5 star device. The proximity auto-open works 8 out of 10 times but that's more of an issue with the cellphone gps then the device itself.

Occasional blips

Works great most of the time. Sometimes the door doesn’t open as I approach

It Works

Instructions were clear and it took about an hour to install ... not too bad for an eighty year old. I appreciate the fact that brackets and screws plus nuts and bolts were included. Installed it because I was leaving town for a couple weeks and wanted peace of mind of being alerted if someone got into garage. However, real use came when a friend needed to put something in garage while I was gone. His sequence of texts to me were; 1) I'm at your garage ... open says me; 2) It's open; 3) I'm done; 4) It's closed, thanks. REALLY COOL! Tried Auto-Open before leaving town. Did not work quick enough. Probably because of delays in phone hooking to Wi-Fi etc. I have a built in opener in car so no big deal to push button when approaching garage.

Solid Product, Lackluster App

The device was very straightforward to install -- and does what it was intended to do. Unfortunately, the app that drives the functionality is terrible. Unintuitive, clunky, battery-sucking, and generally user un-friendly (persistent notifications, I'm looking at you). This brings the entire experience down. Google Assistant integration is also pretty miserable. Hopefully, the app will either improve, get open-sourced, or both.